SONY DSCEmily was born and raised in Birmingham and started creating at an early age, drawing portraits of her friends on the school bus. One could argue that that Emily’s artistic talent is a part of her genetic makeup since her great grandmother was an artist and teacher.

“I am continually fascinated by nature and its ability to hone and change the world in which it exists.  It molds and shapes the flora and fauna in its path and has the tendency to bring out both the best and worst in the humans that exist within its scope.  Through the artistic process I use the awe-inspiring pattern and powerful qualities of nature to mold and shape my work.  I often allow the process itself to drive the direction of my work and celebrate the phenomena of the “happy accident”. I enjoy adding pattern inspired by nature within the elements of my work, such as vintage fabric motifs and often add media, such as handmade paper to add texture and interest to my paintings.”

When Emily is not busy painting she is planning her next food adventure, whether it is piecing together her grocery list at Pepper Place, trying one of Birmingham’s newest restaurant gems, or reading menus and planning food trips near and far. You can contact Emily directly via email: emily@doubleoakartworks.com.



Brian grew up in Birmingham and developed in interest in photography while pursuing passions in backpacking, cycling and travel. He helps run Birmingham’s premier real estate photography and marketing company, and has developed into one of the area’s elite real estate photographers. But the necessity for straight lines and showcasing spaces sometimes leaves a desire for more creativity.

“I love my job and being an integral part of Birmingham’s real estate market. But I have a strong desire to be creative too. I love being outside in natural and urban spaces. I am equally drawn to landscapes and cityscapes. And as much as I love seeing the big picture, I try to mine details and textures out of those environments, and force a partition of those places to show their component pieces.”

When Brian is not busy photographing houses he is doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen after the latest food adventures. He gets out in the woods and on the bike as much as he cans. You can contact Brian directly via email: brian@doubleoakartworks.com

Emily and Brian have 2 small children, P.J. and Ella, and truth be known…they are our greatest masterpieces.